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I am so glad, that you took the time to read what I wrote. There are so many people who don't understand all the crap we do go through. Just because we may look healthy on the outside. Just walk a day in our shoes, there is nothing better then not being able to walk very far or even sleep through the night because even the sheets cause pain. Oh my don't forget the fog we feel from the meds and what it does to our mind.. Yup that sounds like to heaven to me. *shakes head* I think my Fav thing people say, is oh it must be so nice to not work! I just laugh. Only if they knew, I have a very active 4 year old. So between taking 8 hours to clean the house because we really can't do it as fast anymore and there are times we do just need to sit down, due to the pain and just being plain ol tired, then running around after her, well in my case limp after her lol, then going to see moron dr's that try to tell us what we feel.

I'm so proud of you hun for giving it your all to try to get rid of the weight for you! When you say loose weight, i hate that word because when we loose something we always try to find it, and the lbs can just be gone! Too bad during the injections we can't tell them, well while you have me all drugged up maybe you can take some of this chub out of my backside while you are at it. lol

You are WAY stronger then I am, if someone told me I couldn't have my diet coke, I would probably stab them with a straw. I know it does helps A LOT that your husband doesn't drink pop in front of you, sounds like he loves you more then you could believe at this point with your weight. *sorry I know I"m jumping all over the map with my thoughts, Lately I noticed its getting worst*

I am so glad they made lyrica and realize how much it does help us, they just uped my dose from 200 to 300 a day. I also take Norco, Flexeral, Elavil and Ambian to sleep, or should say to try to sleep. The Pain Clinic I go to, the PAC who I see asked me how much sleep I get a night, I asked her what sleep was? She looked at me like I was being stupid, my honey looked at her and said she gets about 2-3 hours a sleep at night so she wasn't being funny.

I don't know if you seen my other post, but I had went to my family Dr when my foot and ankle first started to swell, turn colors and acid feeling you get when someone touches it. She looked right at it and first thing out of her mouth was RSD. Now she would have known right there or did some test to see if it was anything else. The next day I had an appt with my PC, I had been going there for issues I had with my Bulge disc, arthritis in my spine and my DDD. My PC asked me if I ever had chicken pox, and of course I never had she asked me If i was sure? *shakes head* So she said it's either Shingles, cellulitis or CRPS. She has done every test to me she can to make sure it wasn't CRPS. They did a bone scan, so I came on here and on the net to look up info on a bone scan for CRPS/RSD and every thing I came across ed said there was about a 1 in 5 chance it would show up, since I've only had these symptoms for about 3 months now, after a bad fall I had where I believe I twisted my ankle just right. I armed my self with info, so when she came in and said the bone scan showed nothing, i told her well from what I read and talking to other's with CRPS/RSD that's pretty normal, so then the oh crap she's been doing her homework came over her face. So they send me to a dermatologist last Friday, she said I had folicolitis, which the dermatologist said can be caused by poor circulation which is what RSD does lol. So two drs and no Shingles or cellulitis. Kind of excited about my appt with the PC now, MAYBE she will realize it now before I get worse off with it.

I care very much hun! From the your post you can tell you are amazing, you are strong and have beautiful heart! Just remember sweetie you can be sexy at any size we may have a disability but that doesn't take away from us being a woman. Hold your head up high look in the mirror and say okay so I'm this size but look at this sexy butt or whatever you truly think is the best feature, or maybe something the husband always tell you that's sexy, then look in the mirror and say wow this heart is even beautiful. And as you get rid of the weight always look in the mirror and cont to uncover what you think that weight is hiding and you know what you will find? You the you that you have Always been! The one who wow'ed your husband 20 years ago and has kept wowing him today! Us women get SO much better with age, I don't think our beauty really comes out until we older, because then everything about us comes out. Our Mind, Heart, Soul, the way we batt our eyes and our grace! Please don't even let the weight win, even though i know it's hard when you try on a pair of pants that may have fit 2 weeks ago and now are a little tight. It will make you feel so ugly and kinda worthless maybe even disposable. If those pants never fit again, eh oh well, those pants had ugly pockets anyways lol, I always try to find things wrong with my old clothes so it doesn't get me down. The key is to try so hard to remain positive about it. I found out through all this my sweetie, thinks I'm more sexier now then when we met, but also is like your husband, is willing to help me any way they can.

I hope you had a good weekend hun, and please keep me informed on your progress with the nutrisystem. I know there are some pretty special people on this board and we are all here cheering you on!

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