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Ever since I have been prescribed Lyrica and methadone I have gained so much weight! I don't mean just a little either. I mean quite a bit of weight. I have now gained about 35-40 pounds. I have never in my life been this heavy. I believe though that the weight has finally leveled off because I haven't gained anything in the last couple of months.

Because of this weight gain my self esteem has gone down the drain. I worry that my husband of 20 years may find someone with a better body. Although he says that I am crazy for thinking that and that he loves me no matter what. But it hurts me emotionally to look in the mirror and see myself. It has gotten to the point that I am not wanting to go out with my husband because my clothes don't fit and what does fit I feel I look ridicules in. My girlfriends have also been very supportive but that support hasn't even helped how I feel about myself.

I also feel that this weight gain may be the reason my pain level has gone up so much. I mean my poor feet and legs (where I have the RSD) are not used to carrying all this weight!!

So I have decided that it is time to really try and do something about this. I have decided to join NutriSystem and give it a try to see if that will help me loose this weight. I know that this is not cheap. But I want to be Valarie Bertinali and feel that good about myself. I have seen her commercials and I have seen her on so many talk shows and I am jealous about how she now feels so good about herself.

She would describe how she felt when she had the extra weight on and it is exactly how I am feeling now. I told my husband that perhaps if this weight came off I would once again have more energy and that my pain level will go down a bit.

I haven't discussed this with my Pain Doctor. I don't see her again until the first of September. But I don't think that this will be problem, do any of you guys think it will?

I know I will be eating their food. I am going to try this for two months. It cost $268 a month! But I think that it will cut down on our own food bill. Even though my husband will not be eating this food, it still should cost us about the same. Perhaps I am trying to talk myself into the fact that it is not so expensive. But even if it is, if it helps me, then why not????

My question to you guys is; how do you feel about this food? I don't see how it could interfere with my medications do you? Has anyone else tried NurtiSystem? If so can you please tell me how it went for you? Are you now models! Ha! Ha! OK I was just kidding about that!

I just feel I need some help in loosing this weight. I have truly tried other ways, but nothing has worked. And my self esteem needs to be boosted or I am going to be falling into a deep depression. I never realized how gaining so much weight can effect every part of you. Not just the physical ways but my goodness the emotional ways. I have suffered enough. I need to loose this weight or I truly feel I will have major problems with myself.

Thanks for whatever input you guys can give me. I trust you all and feel so safe coming onto this board. I feel that this is one place where I can tell someone how I truly feel and not be afraid of the reaction to it. I know that whatever advice you may give it is given out of concern and support for me. This weight needs to leave me. My pain from the RSD has increased way too much now and I don't want to increase my medications until I try loosing this weight and see if that will help me.

Thanks and take care everyone!

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