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[QUOTE=blessedx3;3678982]I go back to my surgeon next week and the therapists are saying RSD and that they are putting that in there report to him. I am extremely stiff(knuckles and wrist barely move.) THis week i developed very sensative skin on my injured hand. My husband pulled the sheets the other night across my hand and it really hurt. in therapy they tried to use a neck vibrater on my hand and it was so painful. The new sensations are not fun. i also, have lots of hair growing on my hand and it is always a funny redish or purplish color. I had a wreck june 7th and the windshield got my hand. From the beginning I have had way more trouble and swelling in that hand.

i am having hand therapy 3x week and getting a CMP machine friday.

Are most hand surgeons able to diagnose and treat RSD? Do i need another Dr? I'm not sure what things to ask....[/QUOTE]

It doesn't really matter what kind of doctor diagnoses it, the important thing is he knows what it is and was able to diagnose you so quick. You need to get to a pain doc asap in order to get nerve blocks. That is the best chance at getting the rsd into remission. You haven't had rsd long so now is the time before it's too late.

Besides blocks, therapy is excellent. You don't want to lose the hand, meaning lose function of it. It really is move it or lose it with rsd. Meds are also something important to keep the pain down so you can continue to use it and whatever other meds you might need for any other symptoms like burning or muscle spasms. Nerve blocks are typically done by a pain doc.

What symptoms you describe are "classic" rsd. In my opinion, I think he's given you the correct diagnosis based on what you describe. I hope you can get a pain doc who knows rsd and can give you the blocks, etc asap.

Keep us posted and if you have any questions at all, please ask. No question is a stupid question.

Big Hugs,


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