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Hey Deb,
I get those leg cramps also. Yes it is from the RSD but it can also be from a lack of vitamin.. I can't remember what vitamin it is.. I am sure if you search it on the internet it will tell you.. Theres nothing I can do for them when I get them except massage the muscle it just take cramps away quicker.. Just another added to the RSD list..
I am so happy to hear you going back to work.. I think its good for you.. I actually thinking of going back.. Just a few hrs a week.. Theres a day care right around the corner who hiring part time 3 hrs a day.. The problem is I'll lose my heath benefits cause I have state insurance. Also, If get this treatment then I can't work..
I am still thinking about it.. Its so scary.. I think I am actually putting it in the back of my head.. I have a while.. If I was to get it.. The waiting list in to February.. So I have a while..
I'll let you know what I do.. I hope everything goes well for you at work.. I think its great to keep moving and push through the pain sometimes.. Sitting around just makes our minds go crazy.. Then we start feeling sorry for ourselves..
We got a place down the NJ beaches.. Nothing big.. Just a place to go on the weekends.. It makes such a difference for me mentally.. getting out.. I don't do a whole lot when I am there. but Iam looking at four different walls lol...
The cold weather is coming soon.. That fears me too.. I usually am a lot worse at that time.. So always say to myself.. If I get a job.. what IF??
I hate that I always do the what if?
Well, let me know how work goes... Sounds like you been doing ok for now...

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