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Re: RSD movement
Sep 16, 2008
sorry it has take me awhile to get back down here. the injections right into the wrist i would assume are just cortizone injections? have you had this yet? did ANY of the nerves they tested affected in any way at all or did they 'just' do the median to check for the CT being there? the median nerve is what becomes trapped within the carpal tunnel so that would have been the one definitely chcked. just need to know if they checked all others too while they were in the area.

one possible thing here is to simply have a mri done at the c spine level just to see if something may not be right up there. it can happen just with time or with that fall you took? it sent alot of force up into the c spine area just becasue of the way our skeletal/muscle frame is. it is always possible with great force like the fall you took that it could have created a new problem there or made an existing one much more angry to where it now just showed itself? given your symptoms,its just one other possible area that could be sending out the symptoms. it at least needs to be looked at much more in depth at this point,ya know? certain problems even within the shoulder/rotator cuff area can also be sometimes an issue too. just over time and the intense wear and tear our shoulder takes over time can create its own issues down the arm and into the hand too. given that fall,alot of energy would have had to be inflicted there too. i just went thru a rotator cuff repair surgery this past feb. i had torn the supraspinatus tendon(the one that runs from the top of the shoulder to the neck) completely in half last nov,but the initial damage was actually started back in the late eighties. it also tore the one under that too somewhat. but i did have some hand/arm symptoms too. just some areas that could be involved given your ongoing symptoms that should be looked into at some point as a possible problem area. but i would defintiely at this point,simply ask your neuro for that c spine MRI,just to rule that in or out as a rotential culprit here. just becasue an EMG comes up negative for nerve flow issues does NOT by any means mean that you cannot actually have some pretty significant issues up in that c spine area. i had a perfectly normal EMG the first time around but had a good herniation up just was not impedding nerve flow yet so my EMG came out perfect. many other possible things going on within the c spine can cause your types of symptoms too. an MRI would just give you at least a clue here whether it is or is not an issue,ya know? hopefully your neuro will just see the need for the MRI and refer you.

what are you feeling there right now exactly? is your RSD actually truely confirmed as RSD? do you have the swelling,temp changes,any color changes or just pain? Marcia

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