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Re: RSD movement
Aug 22, 2008
sorry you also have this. i have it in my right knee on down thru my foot. the one thing i have found having this crap is that it is capable of doing just about anything it wants to do. while i DO and can relate to what goes thru your mind when you start to feel pain in other areas of your body,this could be something else too ya know? you can have RSD without the swelling right away,but you also have to consider that you may have simply done something to that other area and that is where the pain can be also coming from. do you have any other real RSD symptoms in that hand besides just the pain? does the pain you have actually feel anything like what is your particular make up of RSD in the Dxed hand? do you have any c spine problems?

while you can have a bilateral spread to the opposite extremity in some cases,i think it may at least take some time to really see if it starts exhibiting similar symptoms and have this evaluated by whoever is actually manageing your RSD right now. just how did the other hand/wrist actually present itself to you before you were Dxed? is this the same or different? do you know what actually triggered the RSD in the first place? what damaged/affected your sympathetic nervous system?

there is a really great RSD board here on these boards just a scroll on down from here. there are some really caring and very knowledgable people there who can probably answer any questions that you may have. i really do think simply having this looked at by whoever is managing your RSD right now would be the best idea at the moment. some symptoms you just wont always get or they may take a bit longer to show themselves. and like i said,this may not even be RSD but simply something else that is causing pain in that hand too,ya know? i know spread is one of the very first things that can pop into our heads when we feel new pain,but this may not be a spread. you just may need to wait and see what it does,if it stays or goes away or starts up with other symptoms. but it should be looked at. just pop on down to that RSD board. there is ALOT of good info from poeple who also suffer from this nasty crap too. what are you currently doing for the pain? FB
Re: RSD movement
Aug 26, 2008
two things,it is good they are doing the EMG(the nerve test) and also doing the stellate ganglion block as well. hopefully they are doing the EMG way before the stellate. that stellate is done for two reasons, as a diagnostic tool to see whether or not the pain IS indeed stemming from a sympathetic source or generator,and also hopefully for pain reduction too. it is the right thing considering your situation.

the EMG will tell them just where there could be some level of damage or compression in the nerves running fromthe c spine to the hand/wrist area. this should ALWAYS be done when there is any possibility that you may be suffering from carpal tunnel or just plain nerve comprssion at some point down the arm. an MRI would be a good test too,just to see if this could have a c spine source. but that EMG will be able to tell alot about any actual nerve problem within that arm,wrist,hand. when is this sceheduled for? it does appear you are in some good knowledgable hands with what they are planning to do for you tho,thats good. not every doc,or even specialist really understands RSD or the symptoms of it either. please keep me posted. FB
Re: RSD movement
Sep 16, 2008
sorry it has take me awhile to get back down here. the injections right into the wrist i would assume are just cortizone injections? have you had this yet? did ANY of the nerves they tested affected in any way at all or did they 'just' do the median to check for the CT being there? the median nerve is what becomes trapped within the carpal tunnel so that would have been the one definitely chcked. just need to know if they checked all others too while they were in the area.

one possible thing here is to simply have a mri done at the c spine level just to see if something may not be right up there. it can happen just with time or with that fall you took? it sent alot of force up into the c spine area just becasue of the way our skeletal/muscle frame is. it is always possible with great force like the fall you took that it could have created a new problem there or made an existing one much more angry to where it now just showed itself? given your symptoms,its just one other possible area that could be sending out the symptoms. it at least needs to be looked at much more in depth at this point,ya know? certain problems even within the shoulder/rotator cuff area can also be sometimes an issue too. just over time and the intense wear and tear our shoulder takes over time can create its own issues down the arm and into the hand too. given that fall,alot of energy would have had to be inflicted there too. i just went thru a rotator cuff repair surgery this past feb. i had torn the supraspinatus tendon(the one that runs from the top of the shoulder to the neck) completely in half last nov,but the initial damage was actually started back in the late eighties. it also tore the one under that too somewhat. but i did have some hand/arm symptoms too. just some areas that could be involved given your ongoing symptoms that should be looked into at some point as a possible problem area. but i would defintiely at this point,simply ask your neuro for that c spine MRI,just to rule that in or out as a rotential culprit here. just becasue an EMG comes up negative for nerve flow issues does NOT by any means mean that you cannot actually have some pretty significant issues up in that c spine area. i had a perfectly normal EMG the first time around but had a good herniation up just was not impedding nerve flow yet so my EMG came out perfect. many other possible things going on within the c spine can cause your types of symptoms too. an MRI would just give you at least a clue here whether it is or is not an issue,ya know? hopefully your neuro will just see the need for the MRI and refer you.

what are you feeling there right now exactly? is your RSD actually truely confirmed as RSD? do you have the swelling,temp changes,any color changes or just pain? Marcia

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