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I have no experience with pump.. but I found it interesting that your injury started with your cervical also.. I had the same situation.. and it sounds like when people start with RSD in the cervical.. It spreads mirror image..
When I first started it was in my neck from an MVA. herniated my dics.. from there it spread to my hands and feet.. Now it all four extremities..
My dr was telling me that when you have a spine injury it usually involves the CNS.. and thats why its spread like the "Mirror Image"...
I give you so much credit for going with the pain pump... I've had this for 7 yrs.. I've had several lidocaine infusions that has really helped me a lot.. I wish other drs out there would do this for pt...I am like you... so tired of taking meds.. and body just gets use to them and I end up needing more.. I always think to myself.. This cannot be good for the liver" thats what scares me.. I drink a lot of water to flush my system out... I hate taking meds, I hate the feeling I get from them.. During the day.. I push through the pain.. I try not taking anything.. I've learned after all these yrs.. I still feel the same no matter what.. So why take them....
Iam actually thinking of going out and looking for a job.. I realized if I can push through the pain at home.. I can do it on the job.. I hate not having money.. I hate not being able to give to my kids.. and I don't want to be like this for the rest of my life...
I hope everything goes well for you and the pump works... I am actually surpirsed that they are doing it that fast..
Good luck..

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