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Hi Patti,
I've only had RSD since September of 07 but I don't have funky nails or shiny skin. I diagnosed after foot surgery with a bad outcome. A 3-phase bone scan was the final deciding factor for me. 6 weeks after surgery I was so very sore so that's when the testing began. I did have a pain management doc who said he didn't think I had RSD. Needless to say, I never returned. I've been seeing an RSD specialist ever since. I'm very naturally blonde, and my surgery foot grew a little bit more hair than my other foot but my nails and skin are fine. I hope they stay that way. I become frightened when people write about folks who have committed suicide from having RSD. I'm not sure any of us need to hear information like that. I already know that some choose that, I just am uncomfortable when I read it. How 'bout anyone else? Something that is happening to me lately is jerks or muscle spasms. It's kinda weird. Not sure if it's the RSD or my medication (Lyrica & Cymbalta) Also have experienced the worst cramps (charlie horse cramps) in my life. Afterwards, my leg is sore for a week.
Take good care everyone,

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