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I get the low grade fevers off/on.. not as much as I use to.. When I first started with RSD.. I was working at a drs office.. I use to feel I had flu like feelings with fever.. So I started taking my temp there all the time.. Yes.. I had a fever.. I do notice now.. I only get that when I have flare ups.. I can tell exactly when Iam going to get it.. So I just take motrin right away....
For me.. I only take Neurontin and tylenol with Cod.. I've taking all that too. I just hate the feeling of it all. I went for some Lidocaine infusions which helped me out big time.. I have never been back to where I was prior regarding pain.. My RSD has spread but I learn how to manage it.. I know what I can and cannot do at this point..
Right now my dr wants me to get the 10 day ketmamine infusion. Iam still thinking about it.. If they could tell me that the RSD will go away... I might do it.. but they just don't know.. Thats why Iam going back and forth with it.. They don't even know how long it would last for. Its a lot money that I just don't have.. So for now. I just take one day at a time.. and hope for the best..
I do feel sometimes that my whole body feels dead.. I don't get that crawling sensation that your talking about.. Warm showers help me out so much. Just feels so good.. I also use heating pads for my hands, feet and neck.. What a beautiful sight when I go to bed lol lol
Anyway.. I wish you the best at the drs.. let us know how it goes.

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