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Re: New again
Sep 17, 2008
First off, I want to welcome you to the boards.. I know it all seems so frustrating and scary at the same time.. The first thing I think you need to to if they say you have RSD is find a dr who know is stuff.. PM dr or Neurologist.. Search around.. Call your insurance co ask for a list of drs and call.. Ask them if they treat RSD pts. and how.. The first thing they usually do is a block.. that will help them determine how far along etc..
You need to start with the right coctail of meds. such as lyrica, neurontin, etc. some type of pain killer other then sleeping pills..
They old saying is.. IF your in pain.. don't do it.. A lot of time with rsd you can do something and later you will feel it..
What type of pain are you experiencing?
I have herniated dics.. this is how my RSD started. I went to an ortho also.. I was told the same thing. I think you have rsd and there is nothing I can do for you.. but. the one thing he did do.. his call an RSD specialist right there in his office and started me on meds.. He did feel that a lot of my neck pain and numbness would go away once the RSD was treated.. Well 7 yrs later.. he was right. I still do have neck pain, but not as much.. Most of it was the RSD.. I don't know if your using ice or not. but that is a no, no..
I don't know what state your from.. I am sure if you mention it. Someone one here will help you with a dr to see that knows what their doing.. Did that dr suggest anyone to you?
You mention you had RSD in 2000. See thats what can happen.. The rsd goes into some sort of remission.. One injury it can come right back..
I am so sorry your going through this.. Being the bread winner puts a lot of stress one you.. which you don't need.. Stress will flare up the RSD more.. How long have you been out of work? I would call you county assistance office and see if they can help out in anyway financially.. There are a lot of programs out there...
Everyone on here so kind and helpful.. If you have any questions please don't hesistate to ask.. WE are here..
Re: New again
Sep 17, 2008
Thanks for the reply. It is helpful to know that there are people out there that are willing to help and talk about these problems. To answer some of your questions, I do have a PM here in Texas. I have been seeing him for over 4 months now for my back problems. I did talk to his assistant this morning and I have an appointment to see him later this month.
I guess I was a little unclean in my original post. I am not out of work but have missed several days because of injuries to my leg and back. One of my problems is I do not have insurance and I havenít been able to find a carrier that will cover me due to my preexisting conditions and my current meds. This brings me to your next question; I am currently on Narco, Darvicet, Lyrica, Tizanidine, Ambien and Ambien CR. Another problem is the price of the Lyrica, and though it takes away my tremors it is very expensive. I have been debating stopping the regiments. But I think I found a solution to earlier today. The original form of Lyrica was Neurontine (Generic "Gabapentine"). Have you or anyone else heard of this drug and is it as affective as the Lyrica? I will talk to my PM and see if this is an alternative to Lyrica and if so than that will solve one of my problems.
As for my Pain it pretty much envelops my Knee and down. Most of the time the pain is sharp but anything can trigger an outburst of pain, from walking to the sheets rubbing up against it. This added to my back pain is sometime too much even with all the pain meds.
Once again thanks,

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