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My father has a lot of problems with his hands, one more then the other. He will be doing something as simple as turning the volume up on the T.V. and his hands will get really hard and they start to twist and turn in unnatural ways and they put him in an extreme amount of pain. The pain will seize for a moment and then intensive very quickly again and his hands again lock up and hurt him badly. We usually have to use lotion and massage his hands for like 15 minutes and then it will stop completely but during that first 10 minutes it hurts him terribly becasue we have to apply pressure down on his hands and it makes the pain even worse. Most of the pain is in his thumb. That muscle between the thumb and index finger gets really hard like a rock when his hands lock up and he can't move his fingers at all. He is in so much pain all the time and we would really like to know what is going on with his hands. His doctor blames it on his athritis but we do not think that is what it is at all. We usually have to massage his hands many many times throughout the day. Some days he doesn't have any problems. He wakes up at 2 or 3 in the morning and he has to wake one of us up to massage his hands. We try and pull them apart from each other because they will lock up and twist over each other sometimes. So we really need some help. Any advice would be great, Thanks! :)

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