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Re: Pain Levels
Oct 6, 2008
RSD and CRPS are the same thing. RSD is the old term and CRPS is the newer term. Type one means there was no nerve damage involved in the injury that led to this and type 2, there was nerve damage. I think they(docs and such) need to get on the same page and explain all this at time of diagnosis. I've seen many people over the past few years unnecessarily confused by old and new names.

As to ever being without pain,No. There are days with less pain, days with more pain and days with LOTS more pain. LOL I take lyrica myself and I had hopes it would deal with my numb legs but over the past few months it has made the numbness like 10x's worse than it was when I went on it. It hasn't done a dang thing for my pain levels at all.

It usually takes a combo of meds and finding the ones that work for you at the dosage that helps you. Every one of us have different experiences with meds and what few treatments we are offered.

It sucks, but once you have RSD/CRPS, you have it for life. There is the word remission, which means you have absolutely no pain or symptoms at all. It could still come back again with another small injury or sometimes no injury at all. Remission is the one thing we all still hope for in some small part of ourselves even if we've had it for years and know, rationally,that's it's unlikely to happen. Life isn't worth living without hope! :D

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything else on your mind.



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