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Hi Gaollan,
Thanks for you insight!! Wow, that's a wonderful story that someone had been diagnosed with RSD but discovered it was nerve entrapment!! Did they do surgery to release the nerve and was it risky with a supposed RSD diagnosis?
With me, there is a particular spot right in the sinus tarsi area that is sooo painful and so localized. Post-op, I had turned my foot under and think that I may have torn or stretched the nerve in the sinus tarsi and/or anterior ankle...There was a terrible jolt of pain like "root canal" pain..doc thought I had torn scar tissue but I think it was a nerve stretch or tear. I know it can take a couple of years for nerves to heal, so who knows!!!!!!! I will inquire about an emg test even though I've heard they hurt ALOT !!!!!!
Thanks for all your knowledge!! and I hope you are having many good days!!!!!!
Hugs back to ya !!!

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