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Hi Michelle, I lost complete use of my left arm and most of the use of my right arm due to RSD and Cervical Dystonia. I've recently decided to contact the local Vocational Rehab place to see about working because I can still use my hands. I'm also able to walk around even though some days my legs, knees and feet can give me a fit. After being out of work for over 5 yrs now, I got were I can relatively deal with the day to day pain and try to live a half-way normal life. This yr, I've pushed myself through the pain and took a trip to NY with my daughters and also two trips to the beach with them. Also during Labor Day weekend, my husband and I took a trip to the coast and done a whole lot of walking doing the sightseeing thing. I even climbed up this big hill to see the Wright Brothers Musuem. Even though I paid for it that night, I really enjoyed going and it really help my leg muscles. So it's just a matter of how determined you are to let it get you down. I do receive disability for RSD but I hate having to still at home all the time. Even though I do stay busy while I'm at home but I really would enjoy getting out and being around people. I get tired of being stuck at home since I worked from the time I was 16 untill I became disabled at 39. I'm 44 now and have a long time to go so I want desperately to be able to due something.

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