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I was attacked over 2 weeks ago leaving me with damage to my eye, a broken cheekbone and bad numbness to the right side of my face. The numbness is till with me and Im not getting any feeling back. The numbness was caused by my being punched, fracturing the cheekbone and damaging the nerves in my face. I currently have a numb top right lip, gums and to the right of my nose and cheek.

What Im worried about (and will talk to the doc about when I see him next) is will I get the feeling back in my face or is this permanent damage? Its a horrible feeling, espcially when washing, shaving, etc.

Not being a doc myself, I don't think any of us here can tell you whether the numbness is permanent or not. It's something only your doc can tell you or try to anyway.

With that said, I've not known many people who suffered as much damage as you have. A couple of people I knew long time ago from my rough ole days had some similar thing from fights they got into. Everyone is different and it seems to me that it really depends on how badly your nerves were damaged to begin with. Whether they were severed , partially or fully or just damaged. All of these things, again, only your doc can tell you.

I really hope it's not permanent damage and that in the weeks to come you'll begin to regain the feeling in your face again.


I see yer, that makes sense. Thanks for the advice.
Hi there, something that we all say on this particular board is that we are all different - and we all experience things differently - that said - and adding to what Karen said - I'm certainly not a doctor - but... I was similarly injured to you back in 2000 - I didn't have the fractures that you do but I had severe bruising and lacerations that went completely through my facial tissue. Where I was lucky, and I hope that you are also is that no critical nerves were severed. They were traumatized which caused my face to be numb just like you are describing for months. Slowly my feeling did come back. My physicians told me that the fact that my face was not paralyzed was a good sign that the feeling would come back over time.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you heal quickly! Take care of yourself.

Thanks for that Lissa, my face is definately not paralyzed, its got all the normal movements and I can still feel heat, cold and slight pain on it.
I wish you the best. We use different nerves to sense heat/cold and touch so it sounds as though your nerves are intact. I hope that in time you will gradually regain your feeling. For me it was odd - I tend to play with the scar tissue inside of my mouth when I am stressed and one day I realized that when I touched it with my tongue I felt it on my cheek! But... it was almost 1/4" off - that's what's odd about the nerves waking up - they weren't precise at first... Now I have all of the feeling and it is in all of the right places - I pray for you that it will be the same soon - and without the pain! Take care of yourself and be careful not to cut yourself shaving ;) Lissa
First I just want to say I am sorry to hear that your going through this.. Being attack is scary enough.. and I hope you can over come it all..
I can only tell you my experience.. I was in an auto accident when I was 16 yr old.. I sustained a lot of injury to the left side of my face and eye. Mostly fractures.. I had a lot of lacerations and sine then 16 surgeries to repair everything.. I was numb totally on the left side of my face.. You could actually drawl a line down the center of my face..everything to the left was numb... It took about two yrs for all the nerves to heal gain feeling back.. I still have a little tingling on the top of my lip..when I touch it but thats about it.. I do agree it is very annoying.. Its even hard to drink something..
I was not paralyzed ever but it sure felt like I was.. I couldn't tell if I was moving my face like the other side... Is this how you feel? The one thing that did bother me and still bothers me is I am hypersensitive on that side.. If you would pinch that side I would probably go through the roof... Knowing that you do feel temperature change and have a little pain on that side tells me that you have a great chance of gaining full feeling.... Just give it time.. Like I said.. I could not feel anythnig and I gained it all back..
I wish you the best of luck.. Let us know what the dr thinks..

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