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Hi Chanceux ~
I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have had such wonderful success with Topomax. I am taking Lyrica right now but the weight that I have gained from Lyrica is just too much and is making me so depressed. Plus since my RSD is in my legs and feet, I would think that having this extra weight cannot not be good.

Also I am not even sure how much the Lyrica is helping with my pain. I do take pain medication along with the Lyrica. Before the Lyrica I was taking neurontin but my doctor thought I should try Lyrica instead of the neurontin to see if it would help my pain better than neurontin did.

I have never been over weight before having to take these two medications. It has so effected how I feel about myself. I hate to try and go anywhere because I no longer have that many nice clothes that fit me. So sometimes it is not just the RSD that has stopped me from going out with my husband. It is also because of the way I think I look. Now my husband says he loves me no matter what. But I hate that there even [B][U]is[/U][/B] a "No matter what"!

I know that each person is different in how their body will respond to any medication. And I have read that some people have had side effects that were just too uncomfortable for them to continue taking Topomax. So that is another reason I was so happy to read your post. I see my doctor again on December 22nd and I will be asking her if Topomax is an option for me to try. I sure hope so. I also heard that Topomax is very expensive. I have recently been approved for Social Security Disability and I now also have prescription insurance so I will have to see how much I need to pay out of pocket for this. Actually I don't care if the price isn't too far out of hand because I want to see if it will help my pain and will help me to loose this weight.

Thanks again. I'll let you know what my doctor says after my appointment.
Take Care,

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