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Hi Tigerlily. Yes, I could do aqua therapy. The pool was about 86 degrees.
My RSD started in my left foot following a spinal fusion. Then there was a burning hot, then red. It then moved to my right foot and leg. Both feet hurt so bad, when at worse it feels like someone had beat them and left them broken, the pain so deep. The redness turned to purple, running up to almost the knee, with the skin bumpy. The tops of my feet near the toes and top of foot will on frequent occasions turn black. The skin is so sensitive, like a bad sunburn, where even the shower felt like acid was hitting my legs. Thank God for the Lyrica and other pain medicines, the pain isn't quite as severe, until a flare up.

Now I am having problems with the fingertips of painful swollen and red, as well as the palms of my hands. These symptoms came on at the same time of one another. I can't wait to see my new neurologist on Tuesday. Hopefully, he will be wonderfully knowledgeable and give me some answers, or confirm my feelings.

A word about the Topamax. When I was on Topamax, my vision became very inpaired, which is one of the side affects. Once I told my doctor about it, he immediately switched me back to Lyrica.

I meant to keep this short, but when talking the syptoms, it just keeps pouring out.

Take care.

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