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*Big Gentle Hugs* You're not alone!! We've all been through the mourning phase when it really sunk in that this is what we have and doing all that thinking. The only thing I really mourned for was the loss of being able to work. I had pretty much been a stay at home mom and had gone back into the work force when my "baby" started 1st grade. That was in 1999/2000. I had found my "dream" job, being a cook! :D Then, a knee injury at work and this monster reared it's ugly head.

I was bothered that my daughter was 9 years old and I wasn't able to run and play with her like we had done before. I adjusted pretty quick though and decided to make the most of this "new" life I've been given. I've always been a writer so I turned to writing to let those feelings out. It helped me a lot. It's been almost 6 years for me now with rsd. I keep myself as busy as I can. I play with air dry clay which is good therapy for my arms and hands. I guess I should say that I had rapid spread. It took 11 very short months for it to go from my left knee/lower leg/foot to both legs and feet,hips,hands,arms and shoulders. In the past year or so it's gone into upper and lower back too.

Anyway, I learned my limits but me and my stubborn self will sometimes push it too far and end up paying for it of course. LOL I got into genealogy and began doing my family tree. Once you start something like that it's very addictive and so much fun at the same time. I still write, I've always read a lot and still do. I meditate which is calming and helps me get centered again. Nice soaks in the tub and I try to laugh even when I don't feel like it. Getting your mind focused on anything else does help. When you're not focused on your pain and body all the time that helps too. I know sometimes when your body is screaming to be heard it's hard to ignore. :) You're so right about the words we use to describe what we feel. It's one of those amusing times if you think about it.

I've rambled on enough. I hope you'll be able to take something away from my ramblings though. It's a new life but it doesn't have to be the complete end of life. I see in you strength, the beginning of acceptance and the will to overcome the worst and get back to the best, well, the best any of us can have which can be pretty darn good at times! Come vent anytime you want, it's the right place and who but us can understand better? :)



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