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That I can't answer.. I don't receive SS or SSI. but I do receive medicaid..
Your are right when it comes to the waiting list.. I was acutally scheduled for the ketamine for February.. I just canceled it.. I was going to go for the physco eval Nov 8th.. but I canceled that also.. The waiting is horrible.. The problem is he see pts from all over the US... That is a lot of people.. This is why I wish there were other drs out there that would do these treatments.. I know its experimental, but they've been doing this for a very, very long time now...
I basically have full body also.. That is really weird that he didn't offer you lidocaine.. I know its a waiting list for that also.. Maybe you could ask him.. if he would try it.. Wow.. I rather go that route first. before the ketamine.. It has done wonders for me.. Didn't happen over night but I am so much better then I was...
I would put a phone call into him.. Ask for him to call you back.. He will, be's pretty good with that.. May not be same day but he does.. You could also ask his nurse.. She really helpful...
I am not saying that the RSD is gone.. It is still there and it has spread through out in the past 7 yrs.. but pain wise I am better.. quality of life I am better.. and of course mentally I am better..
As far pain pump... I never went that route.. I guess I just got lucky with having the lidocaine.. and never needed to go that far...
You see PM in abington right?
Have you applied for medcaid yet? You can do that without SS, SSI.. I did... It comes into affect pretty fast.. Actually you can do it right online.. It doesn't hurt to try..
This WC crap just makes me so mad.. I don't have WC but mine was through auto insurance and I went through some of the same stuff.. Everything little thing has to be approved.. Meds etc.. You do know that DR S doesn't work with any court cases, WC etc.. but... He will send all reports to your Primary, PM.. He will not testify for SS, SSI.. Thats what stinks..
What meds is your hubby taking right now?
HUGS. I know that feeling your all going through. and my heart goes out to you... I wish I could help..

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