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I was just wondering, Have any of you ever tried the lidocaine infusions ( not the patch), or the ketamine infusions..... I've been on this board for a long time now and haven't heard much about it.....
I had the lidocaine infusions.. Three times.. Each time I had it, it made my quality of life much better.. I still take the Neurontin and tylenol with cod.. only when I am in a lot of pain..
I see DR Schwartzman.. I am just wondering if he is the only dr that does these treatments..
I wish all of you could have this chance.. I hate reading about all these meds you all are taking.. I went from not walking to going back to work.. I have met so many pts while I was in the hospital who has had these treatments and have improved like me..
About a yr ago I was seriously thinking about going for disability.. something inside me just would not let me.. I just could not see myself disabled.. I wasn't ready for that.. I am only 42. A whole life a head of me..
Please don't get me wrong.. I still have the RSD ( all four extremities).. I still have pain.. But I am able to function.. There are a lot of days where I could just kill the world.. but I keep going...
Work has made such a difference for me.. Mentally I am so much better.. I figured if I have to stay home in pain.. I my as well get paid for the pain.. Nothing is different for me either way with working, regarding the pain..
For me, sitting down not moving around flares my RSD up.. and Sitting down does irritate my herniated dics..
I still get the swelling in my hands along with the burning.. but I am ok with working still..
I hope you all can have this chance like I did.. and wish you could talk to your drs about it..
Just a thought.. I feel so bad listening to all of you.. I guess I should feel lucky.. Please think about it.. Ask your drs.. Hey what the heck.. couldn't hurt...

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