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I have the same problem...below the pinky finger and up to the wrist. Mine started following trigger thumb surgery. Whenever I use my hand too much, typing or any activity, my palm turns beet red and I get the burn. It's usually accompanied by a shooting pain...up my arm to the elbow...excruciating!!! When my hand flares, I can't write or do much of anything. My fingers curl into the palm...not spasms, just stiffening. Pain meds help a little and I've started taking Lyrica, which I'm not sure is working as well as Neurontin. I'm giving it another month and if it doesn't start to help, it's back to Neurontin. From what I've read about Lyrica, most people see results within a week or two.

Migraines have been a problem for me, too. I used to get them when I was in my 20's (I'm 54 now) but about a year ago, they started again. They're sporadic, no pattern, just appearing out of the blue but they are killers! They're always accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting. I take Fioricet (barbiturate w/ tylenol), which dulls the pain a bit (if I take it in time) and makes me very sleepy. I find that if I can sleep, they will usually go away. Getting to sleep with all the pain is difficult and Fioricet helps with that. I can't take my pain meds with Fioricet (actually, I think oxycodone makes them worse) but when I have a migraine, nothing else matters but the pain in my head, ear and a vise. There are a lot of new meds out there for headaches/migraines but Fioricet is working for me so I stick with it.

If you've had migraines, you'll know what I'm talking about. I don't think there's another pain as bad. I would say RSD is easy compared to migraines except migraines eventually go away and RSD doesn't. It's just the anxiety of waiting to see if I'm going to get another attack that makes me nuts sometimes.

Just seems like we can't win, doesn't it? Don't know if this helps but I know what you're going through and hope you're coping as best you can.

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