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Before I was dx'd, my hands would be blood red and burn. I could touch someone and they could feel how hot my hands were. My elbows were also red and hurt real bad. My scalp also was red with itchy bumps over it and it caused me to lose most of my hair. But once I started taking Neurontin for the RSD alot of it went away. My hands and elbows still get real and my hands will burn and are still hot to the touch.
"HUGS" ... I know its hard.. and I feel so helpless..
Yes... my hands use to get like that all the time.. I never knew what I was going to wake up to.. As soon has I used them, they would start flaring up right away.. I had the blisters, the peeling etc.. I had all this before I was actually dx with RSD.. so I use to use ice.. Which felt so good but I was actually making it worse.. Now.. I use heating pads.. It does help.. Neurontin has helped me alot.. I use take 1800mg.. that really didn't do much.. They just doubled it and it has helped big time...
As for the headaches.. Very common with RSD.. I am actually in a research with DR Schwartzmans office.. They ask med so I figured it wouldn't hurt.. It will only help others down the line...
I get the headachs the same as Sandy.. but only I don't use the ice.. I use hot compress.. I catch it before it gets bad.. I put the compress on my neck.. and take some advil.. and lay down.. If I don't catch it.. It gets really bad...
I hope this helps some..
Hi Liz, I don't really get blisters on my hands get little red bumps and my hands stay real dry all the time. They'e red and fell real hot to the touch but they're not as red as they were before I started taking Neurontin. In fact, my whole body stays hot to the touch. My husband is always asking me why my arms and hands feel so hot even though I can't tell it. My hands are also curled in a deformed state and I have trouble some days trying to write my own name. At times especially when it gets cold and it also makes my wrists hurt as well. I know I suffer from arthritis as well as from RSD.

I also get severe headaches which come from the muscles spasms in my neck. Usually they don't last that long especially if I can get my husband to massage my neck. The muscles surronding both sides of my neck are hard as bricks due to the fact I suffer from Cervical Dystonia. Sometimes the spasms go all the way up the side of my neck and all the muscles get real tight and feel like they're squeezing my head. This causes the severe headaches. I take Soma on a daily basis to help prevent the muscles spasms but there's days they don't even help. The weather can cause severe spasms and sometimes all I have to do is sneeze to bring on the severe spasms. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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