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Hello Hotfeet,
I too have RSD in my feet -- Had foot surgery in July of 07, and obviously it had a bad outcome. It's crossed over into my right foot also. Sometimes my ankle swells so badly.
Yes, I have insomnia too but I blame that on my 120 mg daily of Cymbalta -- Most antidepressants (my doctor says it's great at treating nerve pain) have insomnia as a side effect.
May I ask a very personal question? I'm really really scared about the wheelchair thing -- You mentioned you're in 1 -- When did that happen? I believe you said you've had RSD for 2 years, right? A question I have is -- Is RSD always progressive? I'm pretty sure the answer is no because I think I read that it can stay the way it is for some folks, and for others it gets worse????
What meds are you on? I'm on 650 of Lyrica and titrating up a bit to see if that helps reduce my pain and then the Cymbalta 120 daily.
Hoping everyone is able to eat some turkey (not sure what the vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving) and enjoy their day with their families. HOORAY, I don't have to cook this year!!!! We're heading over to some friends house so all we have to do is bring the pumpkin and dutch apple pies. YUM!
Anyways, I best go, I know it's late but can't sleep -
Hi Rose
I'm not the person that is in the wheelchair, although was told that in the future it could be a possibility due to the arachnoid adhesions encircling the spinal cord, as a result of a lamanectomy discectomy, followed closely by a spinal fusion of L4, L5 and S1.

I'm am also seeking all the information about RSD so can't answer your questions. I am taking Suboxone - 12-14 mgs, Lyrica - 450mg, Effexor Xr - 225mg, Ultram 150-200mg, Fentinyl - 12.5. I take Lasix for swelling from the Lyrica. I have the option to increase the Lyrica when pain is real bad, but need to watch the swelling. I had extreme swelling when I was on higher doses of Lyrica.

I can tell you what vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving, all the fixings. Because I couldn't sleep last night because of the pain, I didn't get up early enough for our turkey to be done by dinner time, so we ate all the goodies and let the turkey finish cooking. It turned out great, no one missed the turkey. :)
Hello SR,
Welcome to this board -- It's a great place to find kindness in the midst of despair, caring people who are easy to chat with, and we're able to really know what each other are going through since we've all got RSD -
I've had it just over a year. Had left foot surgery in July 07 and got diagnosed in late September of 07 -- Been on Lyrica and Cymbalta and still working 15 hours a week and able to walk, so I feel very blessed.
Must run for now, it's really late and I work all day tomorrow - You take good care and I sincerely hope you have a good day tomorrow,

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