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Hi Excowgirl, Cervical Dystonia is severe and uncontrollable muscle spasms of the neck. The freezing up my came from a combination of both the RSD and Cervical Dystonia due to the pain in my arm and the spasms running down my arm. The spasms started in my neck and shoulder at first, I would get muscle spasms that would cause my shoulder to raise up to my ear. Then one day out of the blue, I went to crank my mother's lawn mower for her and when I did sharp pains ran up my arm. It just like someone broke it and every time I would extend it, the pain got worse. So I went to the Urgent Care and they gave me a shot. After that I started having alot of trouble with the muscles spasms in my neck. These spasms would cause my head to turn to the left and my shoulder would raise up to the point it touched my ear. Then it got where every time I would try to extend my arm the pain would shoot up my arm like nothing I've ever felt before. Finally after seeing several doctors and my arm had start freezing up on me, I was finally dx'd with RSD and Cervical Dystonia. It's possible that the RSD caused the Cervical Dystonia but I guess I'll never be sure. I suffered alot of nerve damage to my left hand and my right arm as well as my neck. So I will never know for sure which triggered off the other. I had suffered for yrs with the RSD and never knew what was wrong with me.

All of this resulted from a car accident I had when I was 19. Due to the accident I broke my right arm into severing the sensatory nerve. The turn signal went all the way through my left hand causing alot of nerve damage and leaving a permenante hole in my hand. I also cracked my pelvis in two different places leaving a bone chip floating inside my pelvic area. It twisted my ankle so bad that the doctors told me I would have been better of of I had broken it. For yrs after, I suffer horrible pain in my legs and arms but nobody never took me seriously because I was so young. The only relief I got was from a quack doctor who prescribe you anything for pain. Then when I finally quit seeing him and went to a legimate doctor, I was told I was suffering from being Manic Depressive.

When they dx'd me with being Manic Depressive, they put me on some medication that like to have drove me insane. Finally, I got myself off that and finally went back to work only to still be in alot of pain and nobody knowing what was wrong. It finally took me having so much trouble with the muscle spasms and losing the use of my arm before someone finally realized what was wrong with me.

I hope I have explained what Cervical Dystonia is and how they came about diagnoising it. The spasms are very severe and you never know when one is coming on until the last minute. Right before I get one, it will hurt real bad in my shoulder and then the spasm comes on. There's nothing I can do to stop them and usually when they're severe enough, I have to go to the ER and get a shot to calm them down. I do take a muscle relaxer every day to keep from having them as often as I used to but there are times they can't even stop them.

Also don't never feel bad about whining about having RSD, it something that all of us with RSD do. I know my condition is rough but I have learn to except it and have learn what I can and can't do. I'm even checking into working again at the local rehab center. They feel like I can do certain jobs with just one arm so I just waiting to hear from them. As I said before the first few yrs are the roughest and you have every right to whine. RSD effects every aspect of your life one way or another.

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