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First of all they should be giving you 1-2 blocks a week to try and put this into remission!! It seems to me you had a pretty good result from the one block. Saying, "get an scs now", seems way premature to me. The ones I've known who've gotten an scs were a few years into rsd and meds weren't doing much to help the pain and blocks either didn't work at all or only lasted a couple of hours after.

An scs is tricky, IMO. I've seen many get it, over the past almost 6 years I've had rsd, and a lot of them, end up with complications and a lot of spreading. I don't want to scare anyone but I firmly believe that "sugar coating" things or saying it might help isn't helping at all. I believe everyone should know the reality of the scs business. Some people have had success with it and no problems but, again, the reality is it doesn't keep the pain down for a long time.

I think the doc, as I mentioned, should be giving 1-2 blocks a week, have you on meds for pain control and a med like neurontin,lyrica or cymbalta to help the sympathetic nervous system stay as calm as possible, have you doing physical therapy if needed as well. Those are the 1st steps taken in the first year or so. If you're able, you might want to seriously consider finding yourself a new pm (pain management) if this pm is going to be pushing for such a big surgery wayyyy to soon!



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