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Hi... I didn't know about the RSD association. I guess I better check that out. My husband is denial that I have RSD. He just turns his head when I start talking about it. Maybe if he read more on it, he would come to reality. Don't get me wrong, he certainly understands that I am in a lot of pain, but the title... I just don't get it. He was ok with all of this when there wasn't a name. I was somewhat relieved when I could actually call "it" something. Sounds strange, but it did. Didn't make the pain go away, but it explained the symptoms that I have are real and not in my head. I think that he thinks that I am a hypochondriac. I'm rattling, should be writing this in journal, but it feels better to talk to others about my feelings.

Deb, that did happen to me about getting use to the pain, and then all of a sudden it may be the same pain, or maybe it has increased, but it's like the straw that broke the camels back. I will hurt so bad and cry and moan and roll around in bed, feeling sorry for myself. The doctor also increased my Lyrica to 200 3 times a day,and that made it so the sensitivity wasn't as severe. I had/have a horrible time with swelling, which is one of the side effects. So I went back down and use the 200's when it gets to the point that I can't stand to wear pants. I think I need to increase it for a while because my fingertips are so very painful, like I have burned them on a hot burner. They put me on Lasix for the swelling, but it doesn't help. I will be going for a dopler and another test to check the blood flow to my legs and feet. It seems with each day, there is something more wrong with me. My neurologist told me that with the swelling it will be difficult to do the needed EMG, but after he gets the results from the Thorasic surgeon, he is going to do one on me, or least try.

Boy, did this ever turn into something more than a quick reply. Thanks for listening. I better try to get some sleep. I'll check in tomorrow. Hope that you are feeling better. Jane

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