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Thanks Karen and Deb-
I am already on meds--I can't tolerate high doses of anything though because I am only about 125 lbs. But, I am taking Lyrica 50mg BID, sometimes up to 75mg at night; lidoderm patches, 2 mg clonazepam at night, and 1/2 tablet Percocet prn--which usually ends up being about 2x/day. They are also trying Fosamax 10 mg QD and Vit. D+Calcium--my POR just got back from a conference out west, and that is something that came up for treatment possibilities for RSD. Along, with crushing 30mg Morphine and mixing it in 6 oz. cream and applying topically to the area--the mixture should last a while, so it isn't like you are getting the full systemic absorption at once. I have been to 2 pain specialists--the second one said he recommended 2-4 injections prior to a SCS. The one I am seeing, I thought that was the plan too. But, after my first injection, I f/u with his NP and she came in yesterday asking if I wanted the SCS. I thought it was way too soon too to try surgery. I asked to do another injection, and when I have that injection in a week, I'll talk with the pain doc and see if we can set up a 3rd injection the following week to try and get this under control before doing the SCS. He just told me when I first saw him that we need to be aggresive with my treatment because I am young--29. He said they have had tremendous success with the SCS. My POR said the same thing. I just hate to go through a surgery. I am so glad that I found this site. It's nice to know there are so many other people out there who care and are going through the same things.
This all started back in May when I fractured my foot/ankle in 4 places and had a lisfranc injury sustained at work! In July, when I switched from a podiatrist to an ortho/foot doctor, he immediately was looking for RSD because I had the initial signs, but no hypersensitivity. After determing that the cont'd pain I was having wasn't due to lisfranc instability, he diagnosed RSD. I have had it diagnosed by 5 different physicians, and confirmed by the block last week. Initially, all I could do was cry. I am a endoscopy nurse, and read about RSD on-line. I had never heard of it before. But, I could see my life changing forever. I love to run, and now just praying that I can continue to walk. But, I am now past that stage for the most part and am determined to get this turned around. I don't want this to spread, and I want as normal a life as possible. It's hard because my immediate family understands what is going on, but to try and explain to extended family or friends is like a nightmare. I feel like they think I am making this up. I'm not. I can't make my foot mottled, cold, hypersensitive, and so painful at times I can't walk. They don't understand that my nights are terrible sometimes--the clonazepam has helped with that though. They don't understand that this cold weather makes this 10x worse. But, I'm glad that I can find advice from other people going through the same thing. Thank you for your information. Hugs. Katie

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