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There is information on the web - One paper by katz says "However, surgery may sometimes be necessary before RSD symptoms resolve; in these cases, use of intra- and postoperative continuous epidural block can be successful. The initial treatment of RSD of short duration should be conservative; physical therapy modalities, including exercise and contrast baths, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are indicated. In the authors' experience, an indwelling epidural block using bupivacaine for several days followed by use of a narcotic agent, combined with functional rehabilitation, is the most effective management when noninvasive treatment has failed." Two doctors with a lot of articles published are Katz and Hungerford. I personally had an office procedure to remove a melanoma from my RSD leg and it caused the RSD pain to increase 10 fold and spread. When they had to operate a second time, my doctor asked I be put into the hospital and given an Epidural. In spite of my doctor ordering this I had to fight with the Anesthesiologist to have it done (in the operating room). I nearly got off the gurney when he said he did not think it necessary. In future i would make sure I speak to the Anthesthesiologist before the surgery and that he agrees to epidural. Not all anthesthesiologists know much about RSD or appreciate the intensity of the pain. My surgery was mor invasive than the first but was not extensive or long so I did not need the drugs after and the RSD pain and the surgery pain were gone for three weeks after. The RSD pain came back but not with the same intensity so it does work.

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