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I'm glad you don't plan it, but it really is all about learning as you go. We have all been where you're at. It's a sad fact that it won't go away and unless you go into remission, you'll need the meds. I recommend taking grapeseed extract. It's good for a lot of things and may help prevent or at least slow down spread. Vitamin C is good as well. Just something for you to keep in mind whenever you are able to get it. I know all about not having money. I hope you don't lose your place. Have you gotten a lawyer? They should have been paying you long before now! It's the one thing you need to do right away, cause no one can deal with wc on their own. Let a lawyer handle it.

I'm right handed too. I have rsd pretty much everywhere so I understand the frustration you feel. The only place I don't have it is in my chest,neck and face. All the rest of me deals with it. :)

You can talk about anything on here. Just can't post any personal info such as email addy,phone number or stuff like that. You can tell all about how,why stuff happened,anything.

Yup...those good days that make you feel kind of nuts. I went through that as well. I hope you get treatment going soon because it's still early for you and that's very important. Look into the lawyer if you don't have one already. I'll be thinking of you and hoping tomorrow is a really good day for you too!



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