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Re: Rsd?
Jan 2, 2009
Yes,it can come along due to nerve damage and without it. Sometimes people get confused because of the bazillion names for rsd and then add the words type I and type II. LOL

Type I is without nerve damage, which would be me. I got rsd from a broken knee. Type II is with nerve damage. From what I can tell from talking and reading so much the last 6 years is those who get rsd from nerve damage had surgery(which,imo,seems to be #1),was in a car accident and having a crush injury like something falling on them or from a car accident,a bad one.

I didn't think about the emg causing you more pain. I forgot that things brushing on your hand there causes lots of pain. The emg wouldn't help that at all,of course, cause they'd have to poke the probe all around there to get readings. EMG's don't give you any shocks, but it would hurt for ones who can't stand to be touched and stuff.

The thing with the discoloration being only around the scar seems odd to me. RSD color weirdness(LOL), involves the whole hand/arm/leg/foot where the rsd is. I mean, you can still have rsd without that but it usually shows up sooner or later, usually sooner rather than later. The same goes for temperature difference of the skin. It's either cold feeling skin or hot/warm feeling skin. That is something that is always there and it doesn't go away. The burning inside under the skin.....that's an "iffy" thing,imo. When you read about rsd it's the top thing, but for me and for others, it's not. For the first 4 months or so I wondered if I even had rsd because I had no burning at all!! None! I thought if it's such a "big thing" then surely I'd have felt it by now. Yeah....should've kept that thought to myself! LOL I felt my first "burn" not long after. Lucky for me though I don't feel it too often even now and it just comes and goes. Being touch sensitive is something I didn't have, just to air, touch showed up a couple of years ago, well, about 3 now. It's only bad when my pain is real high and I can't take a shower anymore because that just hurts now too no matter what my pain level is.

If you look up nerve damage(neuropathy), sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms as well as temporary numbness, tingling, and pricking sensations, and muscle weakness, burning pain, sharp shooting pain. Sounds a lot like rsd but without the color and temp changes. There have been quite a few cases of nerve damage diagnosed as rsd only to have surgery to fix the nerve damage and all the symptoms went away because it wasn't rsd! Or in cases where surgery couldn't "fix" the problem, time helped as the body repaired itself, as much as possible anyway.

You sound a lot more like that, to me anyway, than anything that screams rsd. I wish so much that things would calm down for you so you could get the hand back into use and not suffer with the horrible, horrible pain. It's not over yet and I have high hopes that in the end it'll get better for you.

Hope all my blathering on at least helps a bit, educationally anyway. :) Keep coming here and venting or whatever. We understand the pain you deal with and it does become overwhelming. I'll keep you in my thoughts!



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