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In my case, pt made me worse. Well, the first 6 sessions got me walking on my own again so that was good. The 2nd round, was supposed to be 12 sessions and I was dismissed halfway through because it was hurting me more and I believe a small piece that helped it spread.

Everyone is different and depending on the body reacts to the treatments and meds differently. I know a young lady in the UK, Alli who is 13 with RSD. She got it after a ankle injury at 12 just over a year ago. PT and all the other treatments made her much worse. I've heard quite a few kids bounce back and get into remission, but not every kid does. I'm a parent myself and would hate to see any of my kids dealing with what I do. I fear they might but I continue to hope it will never happen.

As for your you have access to a warm pool? If not at home, maybe the local Y or a gym? Pool therapy is easier on the body and it was what enabled me to walk again. The key to doing anything is to move it when you can, but do it slowly over time. No pain, no gain, does NOT apply to those of us with RSD. It will make things worse. Tell him the rsd road is hard but to NEVER give up!!! There's always hope and with a bit of work he'll be up and out of that old wheelchair in no time. I didn't want to be on crutches forever so I let that mindset propel me forward without pushing myself to far.

I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and looking for updates and/or questions. Keep your chin up!



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