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[QUOTE=US miss;3841452]Does anyone else get full body shaking? I am not having a good day today and have some of the worse shakes I've had yet. My pain doctor told me that this is in no way related to my CRPS and is probably just anxiety. Help!! I'm frustrated with the whole mess, one doctor says go to the pain guy, he says it isn't part of the CRPS and to go back to the primary care who has said there isn't anything more he can do for me and I need to see the pain guy. Any input is greatly appreciated. I'm beginning to feel like this isn't life, it's torture and am at my wits end dealing with all of this. I spent 6 weeks arguing with my employer over FMLA after they threw me out of work, I still argue with the short term disability people every two or three days. I know I have anxiety over all of this, but the shakes come and go in spurts, some days I'm fine and others (today) I shake and twitch all day long. I can't handle the medical profession loop of go see him, no go back to him much longer.[/QUOTE]

Hi - I have RSD & the shakes too - My neurologist said it's probably from the RSD - YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. I take topamax for the body shaking & Botox injections in the back of my neck for my head shaking. The Botox has really changed my life! I couldn't even walk - was so dizzy from my shaking head. Still have to usa a cane to steady myself when outside the house - & stores like Manards make me really dizzy - don't know why - altho doc says my eyes shake in two different directions. ( not real bad) There is help! Go to a new neurologist. Best of Luck. Glassbee:wave:

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