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I looked up causes for neuropathy and listed,among others, is nerve damage,meds like lyrica,cymbalta,Duloxetine hydrochloride, Pregabalin and other meds. I must insert a caution here......if you're taking any of those meds it does [b]not[/b] mean that it's the cause of the neuropathy. I'd suggest thinking hard about exactly when the neuropathy began. If it started after taking any meds,then it [b]might[/b] be the cause, and then again, it might not.

I also looked up rsd and neuropathy. They are mentioned together a lot. We mostly here about diabetic neuropathy but the reason they get this is due to the poor circulation in their legs because of diabetes. It's the reason most diabetics wind up getting part of a leg amputated. Now...rsd causes really poor circulation as well so it only makes sense that we'd have neuropathy as well. Talking to so many people and researching, one thing people with rsd mention a lot is how bits of the affected part(s) are numb. I have bad numbness in my legs and it also affects my arms and hands too, just not as bad as my legs. sum up.......RSD DID IT!!!!!! ROFL This seems to me to be the most likely explanation when nothing else is wrong.



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