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I'm confused. I see that Dr. S does the Ketamine, but then I also read that only Mexico & Germany do them it that those 2 countries do the coma Ketamine? And that Dr. S can do the Ketamine infusions here in and out patient? My pain is not needing this treatment. My RSD doctor who goes to the international conferences (guess the next one is in Wales) says that there are many docs that really seem to believe that the future research in RSD is the Ketamine. Seems soooo scary to me, but I've posted that before so won't repeat. Hopefully as the years go on, the researchers can find safer ways to give Ketamine. Who knows, maybe down the road they will discover new medication and/or different treatment for this? Lyrica is a sample of one of the newer medications. And, with any luck, maybe they can find a way to reverse our sympathetic nervous system to correct itself forever instead of a year or two at best.
Have you made any decisions on what you will do? How is working? I'm hoping you're doing ok. I'm doing ok, my fear is lessened and I do much better when not working so I'm very much looking forward to the summer. June 11th is my last day until mid-August. There's major education cut-backs here in California, but I'm pretty sure my job is safe.
You take care and I'm hoping everyone has a good day -

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