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The coma done in Germany, you have to go through Dr. Schwarzman. To the one in Mexico, you go through Dr. Kirkpatrick in Florida. The criteria to be able to get it is very stringent. You must have maxed out on all meds. That means you have tried every drug known to man(in a manner of speaking) and have reached the maximum doses on them as well. You have to have tried every single treatment out there,ie blocks,meds,scs(this isn't a for sure one but it is a treatment), pain pump,pt. The ones I've seen video on who got the coma were bed bound and unable to do anything at all, couldn't walk and had full body involvement.

I suppose this is because to see if the coma does work that doing it on the very worst rsd'ers gives them data. It's not approved here in the US and most likely won't be. Here, there is a 5 day ketamine infusion, I think maybe a 3 day one but not sure. It's easy enough to find out by looking. There's only a handful of docs who do it, as far as I know and I could be wrong. Insurance won't pay for it though as it's considered experimental. The infusions do run a few thousand mostly because of the hospital bill.

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