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Re: How long?
Jan 11, 2009
RND is a synonym for RSD. Other than the pain and swelling you don't say what, if any, other symptoms your hand has. So....these are the "top" signs, in a manner of speaking, of rsd.

Swelling, pain that won't stop after an injury or surgery that is out of proportion to the incident, color change of the skin that could be a blue/purplish color or very red, temperature change of the skin, that is the skin feels either very cold or very hot/warm on the affected part, burning(which is a "hallmark" of rsd but you can still have rsd without feeling any burning at all), muscle spasm, jerking of limb(s),weakness and/or atrophy of the affected part.

It's unfortunate that the pain of RSD does not go away. Once you have rsd you have it for life unless you're fortunate enough to get it into remission. There are treatments and the ones done most often from the start are meds(for pain and something like neurontin,lyrica,topomax,etc which is for nerve pain and most of us have or are taking one or more of them), Physical therapy because if you don't use it, you could lose it. Blocks, for the legs it's a lumbar sympathetic block and for the arms a stellate ganglion block.

Do any of the rsd symptoms fit besides the pain and swelling? Did you or do you have any of them? If you're not sure, list everything you feel in regards to your hand. I'm not a doc but I have done tons of research and like to help people. :) Why do you think it's not rsd?

Look forward to hearing from you again. Hope something I've written is helpful.



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