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Hi Deb,
I am so sorry you're still having a hard time ..I hope with all my heart you have some relief with the added pain meds !! My heart goes out to you.. Have you given any more thought to having a sympathetic nerve block? Is your doctor opposed to them? Deb, what does your doc say about your increae in pain...Would physcial therapy or aqua therapy help? I'm just wondering if you're doing too much.. I want you to know that the procedure for the block itself is not bad at all...I am the biggest fraidy cat in the world ..really..and the blocks don't take long and I've done them without sedation. (I'm afraid of sedation!!!!!!)

I've had three already and as I had written in a prevous thread, I had a hard time after the last one. It did warm my leg up a lot, though, even though I had a bad flare-up of burn pain for about three days. My foot had been increasingly icy cold (lower leg, too) for a long time..and the block at least brought it up to a normal temp, which means at least it helped with circulation temporarily.
Call my crazy, but I'm going to give it one more try on Friday..My doc got authorizaton for another lumbar block and I'm going to see how it goes on Friday! I've got to try because my pain is increasing, and I'm losing a lot of muscle mass in my foot and leg...

I will keep you posted it on how it goes. I'm also having another MRI on my foot next Tuesday (I can't believe worker comp approved it!!) I haven't had an MRI on my left foot since last June..I am curious to compare the new MRI with that one.

I forgot to take my afternoon dose of Neurontin today at work and ,man, am I feeling it tonight, my legs and feet are aching and burning...I can't wait til it's 9:00 pm to take the night dose. Woo hoo, it will be the thrill of my day...........

Have you been able to get any guidance about applying for SSI or any kind of disability, maybe from an attorney?
Deb, I am thinking about you and I pray that you are able to get some good sleep tonight. Everyone is here for you..
Warm hugs,
Tigerlily xoxox

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