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Re: Cold CRPS plus
Jan 30, 2009
Welcome to the boards... Sorry your going through this.. This board is great.. You will find so much comfort when you hear that there are other people out there experiencing the same symptoms...
I don't know to much about Lyrica.. So Listen to Karen and talk to your dr about it.. The heaviness in the thighs sounds to me, just another symptom of RSD.. I use to get that through out my whole body.. Such fatigue.. Usually when I would have bad flare ups.. and also when sitting down for a length of time.. Which you do do for you job..
The coldest is such a horrible feelling.. I am hearing when it comes to that.. I get such burning in my hands.. My feet use to burn really bad.. Now they are ice cubes.. only during flare ups.. Nothing takes it away. medication wise.. I usually use warm compresses... Heating pads etc..
Lately during flare ups.. My whole body is starting to feeling like that.. I just shiver.. I started using a heating blanket... What a difference that made.. Just a suggestion.. maybe while your at the computer you can use one of them...I also suggest while your at the computer to get up and move around every once in a while.. I can't sit for any length of time.. or I start feeling a flare up.. Even typing for a while.. My hand will start to get cold.. and in a few hrs it will be swelled up.. and through the nite I'll be in awful pain..
I've learned what I can and cannot do.. When to see the warning signs to call it quits.. Thats with all activites.. Its some yrs to figure it out...
I also had the memory thing.. That is the RSD.. It is not the meds.. I worked a dr office and I would be on the phone with a pt.. hang up and forget what we just talked about.. It was getting really bad.. my employer had to ask me to leave... Replacing words.. I know that one.. actually what I would to is say things a head of time where he words should not have been said.. like switching the words around....
In the past 2 yrs out of the 8 of having RSD.. My memory has improved.. I still take the same meds. The brain farts are gone..
Try to stay positive.. You have to.. its the only way to get through this..
We are all here for you...

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