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Re: Cold CRPS plus
Mar 13, 2009
[QUOTE=Gaollan;3909528]I didn't find anything labeled pk in blood work, the closest I found was CPK, which is Creatinine levels in the blood. That has to do with kidney function. I don't know about the 300 number because I can only find results on blood work using the those decimal numbers like 0.5 kind of thing.

You would think docs would tell you more than that but they don't always. *sigh* Just because we don't have medical degrees doesn't mean we're stupid! lol

Baclofen might be something that helps more. It works for a lot and hopefully you too. I love it because it costs very little. I pay $10 a month at walmart for 90. They implemented that one in time. When I took 2 a day it was $8. :)



Well, yesterday after my appointment with the head doctor I had a little time on my hands so I went on a mission to be able to speak with my Osteopath and maybe just maybe, be able to talk with my pharmacy doc. about that Baclofen.
I tend to think very little sometimes about the VA health care system and I think that mostly has to do with the bad taste in my mouth left by the benefits side of things. Today I guess that a few Doctors at the VA Ann Arbor Hospital were going to take a shot and try to change my mind about that, if not forever, at least for a little while. Luckily not long after I started my trek through the seemingly endless hallways and masses of humanity I ran into Dr. Mark Moga, my Osteopath. I needed to let him get a copy of my surgery report. The first surgery report that is, the one that set this trial off. In that surgery report might be some answers he is thinking. I will tell you that it says that I had an osteophyte removed from the joint between the first metatarsal and the medial cuneiform. I also had a chunk of my cartilage removed, sized 6x10mm from the posterolateral aspect of the talus that was barely attached to the joint. In that same area the report reads I had a significant cartilage defect approximately 10x10mm and being full thickness to bone. Using a small shaver the edges were beveled and then using a curved curette they curetted it until bleeding was established. Then off my feet for six weeks, wonderful pt then off to the field with my crutches. I remember feeling so dumb crutching my way out to guard detail. How funny I must have looked with my M-16 w/grenade launcher hanging off my shoulder,maneuvering carefully as I could over rocks and loose gravel and clumps of grass. Out in the field on Fort Hood, Texas is not really where you wanna be trying to recover from such a major surgery like this one would think.

Thanks for still reading......almost there.......

Fast Forward to 2009, second surgery was performed 1 year and a half ago. Diagnosis of RSD was @ 1 year ago. I have lost the extensor muscles of left my foot. I am losing the outside half of my calf muscle. The Lateral Gastrocnemius to be more precise. My foot is shrinking I think, at least my big toe. Weird? My big toenail looks diseased, yellow and crusty and groovy. Oh, and it sweats but is freezing. I have arthritis in my upper back between my shoulder blades. And the kicker, a herniation at L4-L5 which has lead to my first pt appointment that has involved traction. I am sure looking forward to next Thursday, thanks Kassia (my physical therapist I am sure you all could tell). Wow, I thought I was in pain before.
I am trying hard to not feel. I am sure that alot of people reading this are the same. I am lost. I am not feeling that the future is very bright. I know there is alot more pain ahead, maybe from another procedure like the Epidural they want to talk about, in another 5 weeks. Or, the torture device I will be strapped into for 20 to 30 minutes next Thursday in the name of a few seconds of supposed relief. I know there will be other physical changes from the bone loss and further atrophy. I know there will be more psychological changes, as much as I try to fight that too. I am way more moody. I wanna be alone, alot. The people around me seem to be more irritating and draining minute to minute. I feel like I am acting, just to even crack a smile. Work, I don't even wanna start that conversation, thanks.
Maybe someone can throw a little ray of sunshine my way? Or do I have to find that too, cause, I cant go outside right now ma, I'm in my underware! :eek: Not really, just trying to be funny! Don't wanna scare anyone. By the way I did get to talk with Caorline my Rx doc, as of yesterday I am starting the ween down the Lyrica to switch to the Topamax, hopefully by next Thursday and we will further discuss the Baclofen.
till then.......

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