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I agree with you.. When dx with RSD its always best to try all treatments offered to you first..
I just am not sure about this remission thing.. Is remission pain free for how long?? Some pts. who have had the lidocaine infusions.. They are pain free for several yrs.. is that considered remission? Its been been a yr since I had my last infusion.. I am not any worse but I still have pain.. and take meds on those bad days.. and still take the neurontin everyday.. I guess the best thing I should do is call my Dr and ask him.. I know what he would say to me.. lol..
What counts is that you are feeling good.. Thats how Dr S is... lol
I know I will probably have this for the rest of my life.. and I am sure I will have those good and bad days for the rest of my life.. I just say to myself.. It is what it is..
With any illness its always good to have that support... I didn't have it at first.. I am not to sure anyone believe me.. For four yrs the dr didnt know what was wrong.. They just kept saying herniated dics.. So family and friends thought it was that... At least the first two yrs they didn't.. then the symptoms became so visible..
My father.. He still to this day probably don't believe me.. I don't care.. I know whats wrong with me.. and I know my brother don't.. He once said to me.. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.. and get treatment.. instead of sitting around look for a job... your doing this all to yourself.. I said I have three letters for you.. RSD.. look it up on the internet then call me back.. He never did.. so now we aren't to close.... I would never be like that to him or anyone else.. as long as I don't live in their shoes I do not have a right to judge..
I'll be honest though.. This board was my back bone.. It fell into my lap at the right time.. I was a mess when I first came on here.. Physically, mentally and financially and relationship... but I finally got it all together.. lol.. I am sane now ....
Now it my turn to give the support back...

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