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Hi All,
I have Rsd in both legs. I have had it for a year. I am VERY lucky as they diagnosed 6 days after the intial incident. The pain is pretty much under control, but this is the first MAJOR thing that I have done since diagnosis...
Suggestions please???
I am seeing my primary care Dr today and will be asking for pain meds, but what should I ask for?
I am on Lyrica 300, Miacalcin 200, Naprelan 500 as needed + Tramacet as needed.
Any suggestions would be great. I see her in a couple of hours...
Thanks so much!
Hello, I feel bad to hear of your fall. I have had CRPS or RSD in my arm since my injury in 2005. I got off all the meds in June and July and now only take over the counter Percogesic. I still have a lot of nerve pain with shooting firecrackers and tingling and so on. One of the drugs I took for a while was Lyrica although it did seem to help it caused me to feel I was detatched from the things around me or in a mind fog. The thing is, I haven't taking Lyrica for a long time and still feel odd that way and have a tough time concentrating all the time. I know that still having pain and trying not to medicate might be part of my concentration issues since pain sometimes wins the concentration game but I can't help but wonder if the Lyrica isn't the other part of it since I don't recall feeling that way with the other meds I took .I only say this because you mentioned your taking it too. It is like the effects, on a cognitive level, go on and on. My only hope is that I will not continue to have pain and now a second strike with the slow thought processes. I feel I have to try twice as hard at work because of my arm and now because I have a hard time concentrating. Thought you might need to know this for futrure reference. My Doc doesn't know anyone else who complained of this but I find it hard to believe I am the only one. Take care and good thoughts your way with the healing of your legs and the comfort those baths might bring. LLK
That's interesting Bella! I have felt very out of it and have a really hard time concentrating that's for sure.
I keep reading that is a symptom of RSD because it affects our limbic system and it in essence deletes our short term memory. I have cried a lot about it bcuz I used to have a photographic memory and now I am a totally different person. It is hard!
I wonder if the Lyrica can do that??? !!! I will look it up and thanks for sharing that with me.

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