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Welcome to this Board Jshu43,
Yes, it does sound like you have RSD -- It's important to get on some medication that can treat it -- Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, etc etc. Like it's said in a previous post, they all help treat the nerve pain. I've had RSD for a year and 1/2 -- It began in my left foot after a surgery that really wasn't done properly by a podiatrist. Now it's in both legs and both feet. I'm not sensitive to touch either, and I'm not blue or red. I had a 3-phase bone scan done at UCLA that showed hot RSD on my left foot and it was suspected before the scan. Anyways, I was given Neurontin in the beginning, then Lyrica and Cymbalta and now I'm on some pain pills and Trileptal (another anti-seizure pill). I pretty much see my doc every month. At my February appt, I'm going to discuss the Lidocaine infusion. Just my opinion, but I think the Lidocaine gives much better results and longer lasting results, and it seems like it might be safer. I'm less than thrilled with somebody messing with the area right next to my spine -- But it's just my opinion.
You will find lots of support here, lots of kindness here and lots of people who care about how we're feeling. Remember that RSD affects each of us differently so the treatments affect us differently too.
You take good care, :wave:

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