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You don't have to have sensitivity to touch to have rsd. I didn't at the start of it all. All the other symptoms sound like rsd. You also don't have to have color change either. RSD effects everyone differently. It's the biggest reason I wish docs would stop reading the dang books!! The skin doesn't have to have a huge color change or temp change. Sometimes the skin feels just slightly cooler or warmer than the normal side of your body and the color change can be either reddish or a bluish/purple/mottled.

The no ice thing is because it further constricts the blood vessels. With rsd they're already constricted and for the majority of us ice just makes you hurt more. I also believe that ice will help it spread faster.

For a lumbar block you can't eat or drink anything I think after midnight before your appt. The reason for that is because almost all docs put you out while they do the block. It is injected into the bundle of nerves near the bottom of the spine under live xray so the doc makes sure he puts it in the right place. The leg goes all nice and numb, if there are color or temp changes present before the block then it would warm up/cool down the leg/foot and make it a normal color as well. You have to have someone bring you and take you home because you won't be able to drive or do anything at all for that day and the day after. It's a good idea to take it easy.

If you get pain relief then your pain is still SMP or Sympathetically Maintained. That's a good thing because it's very likely with more blocks you may get more relief each time. Ideally it would put the rsd into remission. That is a total lack of any symptoms at all. When you get rsd you have it for life. If you're one of the lucky few to get into remission it could come back again from something as simple as a stubbed toe or for no reason at all.

Hope this helps you.



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