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You can tell rsd pain from any other pain, at least I can. It depends on how your pain feels. For me.....I know the difference when the pain isn't stabbing, shooting, burning, bone deep, crushing, etc. LOL

It sounds like the pain in your shoulder and all is only from the problems you're having with the whole frozen shoulder/possible rotator cuff thing. I agree with Marcia and all that she said. She has more experience with this it sounds like. :) With us you have to know things to the last detail before going off on a tangent and doing something. What if the intense pt actually tears or rips your rotator cuff? Holy cow....the situation would definitely be much worse. I've heard some say that getting a block before pt is helpful because they're able to manipulate a body part better. First it's finding out exactly what is wrong before worse damage is done though.

Yes, rsd can go wherever the heck it wants to. It uses the nervous system to travel throughout the body. It's the reason why it can spread in and out. It's why a simple injury to another part is a not so good thing. Hoping you can get through this without further problems from the cfs, rsd and any other three letter words as well. LOL



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