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Oh wow......7 months before you felt any symptoms?! Well....all that I know 6 years into this and I've never heard of anyone who went that long. Even for the "odd" case rsd will show up in days and up to a couple of weeks later. This doesn't sound like rsd at all. RSD comes with pain and even "mild" pain with rsd would interrupt your life. I know a few with it in their face and eating is quite difficult to say the least, not to mention the pain centered in the head and face. I'm full body rsd and walking across the room is a pain quite literally! There's no way that if you had rsd you'd be able to do that and you'd have pain throughout your body as well.

I'm not sure what could be causing your burning and I sure hope a doc somewhere can figure it out. IMO you don't sound like you have rsd at all.



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