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Hi everyone,
Yesterday, I posted that I wasn't able to find anyone here in the San Diego area that would do a Lidocaine Infusion. I called several pain management places and I was told that "they're about 2K, insurance doesn't pay so....nobody will do them". But, from some of you, it seems that they seem more successful than the blocks and insurance will pay for those so it just doesn't make any sense. I haven't been able to find anyone who gets relief for any length of time with the blocks and at this time, I don't want to have something like that twice a week, etc etc. :eek:
So, about 11:30 today, I get a call from the doctor that I had left a message with regarding the infusions, (this doc switched over to p/m in like '89) and he said "hi, my staff told you yesterday that I haven't done an infusion in years since insurance doesn't pay for them. However, this morning I was over at the hospital this morning (I'm assuming either Scripps LJ or Scripps Green) and they will pay for them, so come into my office and we can talk". He said it's a couple of hours, not in-patient. He said that the treatments: blocks, infusions, etc etc -- It just depends on what the insurances [B]fee[/B]l like paying for at that given time or year. So, I'm pretty excited about it. :) I know there's a hospital in Chicago that does them, but now there's one right here in San Diego. He did ask me if I've had them before and I told him no. So, we'll see. My pain has been increasing and mornings and late nights are the worst -- I'm now taking 4 Norco daily to get through my day at work and they help ALOT. I'm only 1 1/2 years into this RSD journey so this is getting scary too. Thanks to you on this board, I received lots of help with all of this stuff. I'm grateful to all of you who take the time to write me back. It reaks havoc so differently on all of us and even the treatments react differently on everyone but I so very much appreciate people's openness to share their experiences with me, especially since I'm a relatively new RSDr --
We've got gray skies today with light sprinkles so I'm very glad I'm off today. Tomorrow I'll work 3 hours and then the weekend! YAHOO!
Need to run, but wanted to share the good news!!!! :wave:
Take good care,
*Big Big Big Hugs!!!!* I'm sooooo happy for you!!!! *Jumps up and down* :D I hope you'll be able to get them and even more I hope they work!


Hi Karen,
Can't remember -- Have you had one? If so, can you tell me your experience with it? Thanks so much!
Nope not me. I'll never, ever be able to afford to have them. I struggle just to get my 2 meds every month! I believe it's Michelle that had them done and they've helped her a whole lot. I'm sure she'll post here when she gets a few minutes. :)


Hi Deb,
That's great news that you've found a doctor right in your area who is willing to talk about lidocaine infusions of any kind and help you make it happen!!!! Keep us posted as you get more information!! In the meantime, I'm glad the vicoden meds are helping..did the other new med help at all?
The week-end is coming up and it will be great to get some rest!!
lots of hugs!
When the doc called me this morning, he said he checked with the hospital and insurance does cover them -- That's why I'm going to see the doctor and discuss it. I wouldn't be able to pay for it either. I hope you had a good nights sleep, it's almost the weekend -- HOORAY!
I don't have any insurance and never will. I can't get it now because I have the dreaded "pre-existing condition" and even more importantly, even if I could get insurance I wouldn't be able to afford to pay for it! is wonderful for the working poor. LOL


That's such wonderful news! Do you mind sharing the name of the physician?
[COLOR="Blue"]Hi Deb,

That's great news! I can't wait to hear about your results!

Sharon :)[/COLOR]
I haven't had my consult appt yet, and I honestly don't know if he'll end up doing it. All I know at this point is that he called me and said that he can do it, and the hospital can do it and insurance should pay for it. Said it's around 2K if no insurance. His name was Robert Lee Wagner, junior, MD. He's an anesthesiologist who went into full time pain managment. My appt is the 19th, so will let ya know how things go. I'm kinda wondering if he'll make me to a block since I've never had one. I guess I'll see at my appointment. Said many p/m docs quit doing the Lidocaine infusions because insurance stopped paying for them.
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]

Hi RoseinSanDiego :wave:

Hoping this post finds you doing well ~ ~ ~

I have a few "Q"s for you.

[COLOR="Teal"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]~[/COLOR][/COLOR] [I]Have you availed yourself of the Lidocaine Infusion process ?[/I]

[COLOR="teal"][COLOR="deepskyblue"]~[/COLOR][/COLOR] [I]Have you ever tried Lidocaine Patches ?[/I]

Looking forward to your reply...

Best Regards and Warm Hugs DB

Hi there..
I get Lidocaine infusions I am in BC (Western Canada) and I have been getting subcutanious lidocaine infusions for over a year now. I started getting them when I was 3 years into having RSD, and at that time I was told that they were given when more than one limb was involved (I have full body RSD) and the lidocaine helps the whole body, not just one limb or area as a single block would do.

I used to get them done once a month but now I get them done every three weeks because I have backed back off other meds, I do find the initial needle somewhat invasive though, and sometimes have a mini flare for a few days.
Ask the doctor doing it to numb the area to be intubated with a numbing topical gel first if you are very sensitive, the lidocaine in the needle will numb the area within seconds anyway. My subcutanious lidocaine infusions usualy remain hooked up and infusing into me for 10 to 12 hours at a time.

I go to the clinic they hook me up to a long line attached to a bottle with a bulb of medicine (lidocaine, maximum dose for my weight) the bottle fits into a little black bag that says "pain pump" on it and I clip that inside my clothes so it is relativly inconspicuous (haha) Then I hop on my two canes and hobble on home and try relax while I monitor the bottle, it always goes too fast so I crimp it off for up to 20 min at a time or I get to feelin pretty dern ucky. ok quick jump back..

The infusion sites for me was first in the fatty parts of my arms (never veins it's a [I]subcutanious[/I] infusion) but my arms are very much needed for walking with my canes so we moved to my chest (much better) in the upper upper pectoral area. Most people get the metal needle removed and there is just a very thin plastic tubing feeding the lidocaine in, but I for some reason always absorb the lidocaine too fast so they use metal needles so I can clamp it off (tubing would plug easier) for longer, every so often as I need to as to avoid the side effects of too much lidocaine.. too fast.

I love my lidocaine, I know it sounds like alot of work but before I started getting these I was pretty much bed bound, I figured there was no point to life left.. I could not tollerate my clothes most days, any breeze outside or in had me crying like a baby on bad days.. and even sounds had me so uptight, I was just a mess. I now garden, I have to pace everything but I can go out in a light breeze most days, the wind on my pants dosn't hurt anymore, it was hard even my face used to hurt so bad in any wind at all. things that shouldnt hurt arent so quick to hurt with lidocaine, whereas before that everything hurt, little bumps, a cold chair leg, the touch of my cane, a hug.

I can hug again, softly to be sure but I don't automaticly flinch because I know now it wont break me now. I am for the most part out of my scooter and walking with my canes, use it or loose it I say.
I wish that I could just share this improvement I feel in me with you all by giving you all some of it, when I hear of places that can't have it done because of insurance or doctors.. it's just so darm sad that we can't all benifit from what help there IS out there you know.

Any questions ask away,
hugs all be well,
Lidocaine probably saved my life. I was desperate for ketamine and asked my Dr to try lidocaine infusions. I am also in Canada. I luckily do not pay for them. I go to the clinic after I have numbed where they will put the needle, I get hooked up and monitored over a few hours where they put max dose per weight into my bloodstream. I also have full body.... I used to vo every four to five weeks and now I go every 3 weeks. I am so much more functional then I had been. I recommend trying lidocaine to all of you. I know we all respond differently, but this helped me a lot. A whole lot more then nerve blocks.
Best wishes

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