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Hi Tigerlily,
How are ya? Have you read anything from Michelle lately? I wrote my post about possibly doing the Lidocaine infusion and thought I'd hear from her, but didn't.
My experience with Cymbalta has been great! Can't even tell I'm taking it -- I take two 60 mg caplets daily. I think just about everyone knows that I hate the weight gain on Lyrica, but my doctor say's its the magic pill for RSDers. The poor folks who had it generations ago didn't have the benefit of it. It does get depressing when I go shopping since I'm in the large (size 18) size these days. And to think I began this journey in a size 10. Oh well, I'm the same person on the inside and that's what matters. I'm definitely on the pity pot.
I took a regular Vicodin at 8 am this morning, just before I went out the door for work and by 9, I was experiencing some horrible, aching foot pain. That disheartens me, because I really had it in my head that I wouldn't have severe pain. And, I'm still really hurtin and the 27th isn't coming fast enough. I wonder how quickly I can have the infusion after I do the consult with the doctor on the 27th. Or maybe he'd rather do a block first, or some other type of treatment. Who knows? And, I'm wondering if I need to take a day off from work. Should probably do it on a Friday afternoon. Guess all these questions will be discussed at the appointment. Sorry to ramble.
I have a question please. Do you know what pain medication is given after Norco?
I'm waiting for the day where I'm able to live life without being consumed with RSD. I have faith deep in my heart but it seems that I haven't been able to rely on Him like I should. I'm hoping we're allowed to talk about that on here.
Guess that's it for now,:wave:
Hoping you're doing ok :)

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