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Re: New to me
Mar 1, 2009
Hi Lunadoeeyes,
First, I am so sorry you had to endure such a terrible accident! It must have been excruciating. I am glad for you that that much of the damage has healed or is healing well. The nerve damage sustained may take longer to heal, as it only happened 6 months ago..

It is overwhelming when you first hear and learn of the details of RSD. I was so frightened in the first weeks, I could barely sleep and my anxiety state was off the charts. It is best to become informed, though, in order to understand the jargon and the different modality treatments so that you can make informed decisions about your treatment. This message board is so helpful with this, as there are many people with much compassion and knowledge to share with you.
I hope you will develop a good rapport and relationship with your doctors, especially your pain management doc. This is very important!
Mine is a worker comp case as well ( I injured my ankle at work in 2006 and had surgery last February 2008. I still work full time but it is getting increasing difficult as I can barely walk.
I highly suggest you find a trustworthy and excellent attorney to represent you. Here in California there is no fee for the Worker Comp attorney. I was lucky enough to be referred to an attorney who is on the side of the worker!!
I will spare the details of why it is important to be represented especially if you have RSD. Primarily, the attorney will help you get the treatment you need.
Once you see your pain management doc, you will hopefully get some relief for your pain and discomfort!!
Your attitide of keeping up hope is a great one!!!!
Here on the boards you can vent, inquire, cry, share victories and just about any emotion or thought you have!!

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