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Re: Frozen Legs
Mar 8, 2009
Hi Karen
Thank you for your reply. Yes I wear thick socks all day, and at night .(What we must look like lol )
It is a terrible feeling though. I thought after all the stages I went through with RSD, and when your legs come back to looking more normal, I would just have the pain to deal with. But this frozen feeling all the time, There is no escape from it. All the Medication I am on, but nothing alters the Frozen feeling. It was suggested to me a few years back by a specialist, I would be better having them amputated. But I said no way. They are very very painful, but they are still my legs. Reading some of the things on hear, it seems your specialist, and Doctors take more notice about RSD. And take it into account, before any procedures.
I found this out the hard way. Due to the lack of knowledge I have undergone operations and stated about my RSD, but many look at you, as if to say ( So What ) They do not believe in the UK that RSD can spread through the body. So having operations, or needles stuck in your back, or any other part of the body. As no affect on RSD. This is one of the reasons, why over the past years I have been trying to gather as much evidence, so I can at least try to explain to some Doctors, that when they say they are thinking of trying this, or that on my body. I can tell them the effect this might have on my RSD.

Does anyone know the address of the German Doctor, and his name who is doing the Ketamine Coma?

Karen, I hope you have a pain free day. And maybe we can find some woollen tights. This may help to try and put the temperature up in our legs, and Feet.

Take Care
Kind Regards
Re: Frozen Legs
Mar 10, 2009
Thank you for your reply. Yes I know were you are coming from with the bathroom habits. LOL. That’s just part of taking all the different med. I also have to take medication
Due to the effects it is having on my stomach. I have tried lots of Medication over the years, but I am at a stage were I cannot get my pain to a bearable level. Buprenorphine transdermal Patches. I put one 20mg ever 4 days now, I also have tried a 5mg/10mg as well as the 20mg after talking it over with my Dr. I have found that when you get your Medication right, which is sometimes very hard to do. Then your quality of life feels very good, and you can deal with thinks a lot better.
The discolour I had in my foot was way back in 1997, It went from black, to red, to a lighter colour, then within about 3 to 4 years it returns to your normal looking foot. You are then left with the pain, and in my case, no movement in the ankle. Then over the years, and through Specialist, Dr, not knowing enough about RSD. I had other operations done, that I believe, this is what caused RSD to spread to other parts of my body.
But here in the UK, they do not believe RSD travels
As for my Zopiclone 7.5 mg I take two, with other medication at night. Now in the UK the amnesia pat of it, is understood. You are not supposed to take 2 7.5mg at night, but due to the high level of pain I am in, this so far, is the only thing, that allows me to get 2 to 4 fours sleep.
Karen, I just looked up your Medication vicodin 10mg, it does not have a very good write up? I am waiting to go and see a Professor in RSD. I then hope to have some better understanding of RSD, and get my pain more under control. As you stated, if you do anything, you pay with it for days with Pain, and you feel absolutely shattered.
So I just hope, you can all have one free day of pain.
Kind regards

PS: l Know I would have forgot something. I believe my RSD spread after having two operations on my right, and left shoulders. After the left one, I was in agony after coming out of the anaesthetic. This, I think triggered the RSD in my shoulders, neck, and parts of my back, and joints. As for my right leg, I just have the same feelings, and Frozen symptoms as the RSD in my left leg. But I cannot explain, or understand how it travelled to my right leg?
Karen, I am interested in our yours spread

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