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Re: Frozen Legs
Mar 15, 2009
[QUOTE=Paulmac;3912723]Hi harmony85
Sorry you did not leave your name. Thank you for your reply. I am interested in this large heat pad, have not seen them in the UK. So if you could pleas give me the make, I will go on Google. As for the hunting socks, again in the UK, we do not have this type of sock, but I will look on Google again. As you say, it is terrible when your legs feel frozen, and the stiffness. But then in Summer, do you still feel like your inner bones in your legs are frozen, but then the heat makes them all swell up, and the skin gets very tight. So itís a no win situation really. In the winter the actual temperature of my legs are very cold. In the summer months, I still feel like they are frozen, but I get the swelling, and tightness. I would describe the feeling I have in my legs, like having them in an icebox, then you have the burning feeling on top, and as if, millions of bees were in your legs.
I am here anytime, for anyone wanting help, or just to let of steam. Have a Pain Free Day
Kind Regards


So sorry to not get to your post sooner.I have been out due to bad pain days and haven't been able to sit in front of the computer.The weather here is horrible and doesn't help at all with the rsd.
As far as the heating pad goes.Not sure if I can help much.I got mine from a store called walgreens here in the states.They are mainly in pharmacies and chain stores like wal-mart.Not sure if you have either in the UK.I'm sure if you google heating pads you can find one online.Hopefully the company ships to your country.My heating pad is a large one,it's for backs but I use it to rap around my leg.You might want to search for a "back" heating pad.
You can find hunting socks here in the states at recreation stores for camping,fishing etc.They have a battery box that keeps them warm.
When you talk about pain in the summer it sounds like something I would of written. The summers aren't as bad because the air isn't as cold.My main problem is air.If it's cold it's bad.In the summer my main problems are fans,air conditioners,cold sections in stores,etc.
I get swelling all year round.I haven't noticed a difference in the swelling for the different seasons but my leg does feel frozen just as much in the summer as it does in winter.It is like having your leg in a ice box.Sometimes other people that touch my leg notice that it's colder too.
I hope you have luck looking for a heating pad.It does help me.Beware of it drying out your skin because that can cause problems.And it's hard to rub lotion and moisturizers on if your skin is sensitive to touch.
I hope I've been some help.Sorry I couldn't be of more help in regards to the heating pad.Have a good pain day and stay warm.

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